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International Center for Functional Resilience

Shifting from a sense of helplessness to active coping

Our vision

The International Center for Functional Resilience's (ICFR) vision is to increase awareness regarding the need for Psychological First Aid (PFA) and to enhance functional resilience amongst all members of society. Once provided with the proper skills, ICFR believes that every member of society has the ability to provide PFA to any individual in need.

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About Us

Our goal is to improve functional resilience for all by disseminating the Six Cs model, a simple-user friendly model designed to provide immediate, focused and efficient intervention techniques for both mental health and emergency professionals such as psychologists, first responders, military and security personnel, social workers, rescue units, policemen, etc., and non-professionals alike.

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The Six Cs Model

The Six Cs is an acronym that represents the model’s six intervention principles: Communication, Commitment, Cognition, Continuity, Control and Challenge. Each principle offers several behavioral and verbal techniques to reduce stress responses, restore self-efficacy and return the person’s ability to function during emergency situations and times of heightened stress.

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ICFR provides tailor-made psychological first aid training programs based on the client’s unique needs and abilities.  We offer a variety of courses for both professionals and non-professionals alike that range in duration, number of and professional level of the participants.

Personal Stories

After a girl fainted in soccer practice, causing hysteria amongst her teammates and mother, I felt obliged to intervene. I told her to stand up despite her injury...


Yesterday, at the end of the school day, as children were being taken to the buses, a rocket siren went off.  It created tremendous panic amongst the students and teachers.


Today, a boy in first grade fainted.  The children were hysterical.  After initiating the model the teacher created a schema on the board of what happened.



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