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The International Center for Functional Resilience (ICFR) recognizes the need to increase awareness surrounding mental health and one’s wellbeing on a global scale and believes in the need to enhance immediate cognitive functional resilience in order to reduce the likelihood of future psychological and mental difficulties.

Our goal is to improve functional resilience for all by disseminating the Six Cs model, a simple-user friendly model designed to provide immediate, focused and efficient intervention techniques for both mental health and emergency professionals such as psychologists, first responders, military and security personnel, social workers, rescue units, policemen, etc., and non-professionals alike.  

Our Team

Dr. Moshe Farchi, PhD – Co-founder & President

Dr. Moshe Farchi, PhD is an expert in the fields of acute trauma, emergency mental health intervention, Psychological First Aid (PFA) and psychological inoculation, among other fields associated with PFA protocols.  Dr. Farchi has also conducted extensive research into the fields of resilience empowerment and trauma symptoms reductions, primarily during the acute stage of trauma (ASR-ASD). Dr. Farchi is the founder and leader of the SIX Cs model...

Brigadier General (Res.) Avraham (Avi) Bachar- Co-founder & Chairman

Brig. Gen. (Res.) Bachar is the former head of the National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA) in the Israeli Ministry of Defense, where he was responsible for ensuring the continued provision of critical needs and services necessary for the population in times of war or as a result of natural or man-made disasters. He was also responsible for monitoring and preparing government offices, municipalities and critical infrastructures...

Colonel (Res.) Itai Peleg- Co- founder

Col. (Res.) Itai Peleg is an expert in the fields of emergency preparedness, crisis management, command and control and exercise planning.  He is currently responsible for the planning and design of the ‘hospital of the future’ for one of Israel’s largest and most advanced hospitals. He previously consulted various government agencies and critical infrastructures throughout Israel and the EU on Emergency Management and Preparedness...

Shira Averbuch – CEO

Mrs. Shira Averbuch has over 15 years of project management experience in both the private and public sectors, most recently working on large-scale cross-governmental security, emergency preparedness and resiliency related projects. Mrs. Averbuch has a Master’s degree in Counterterrorism and Homeland Security from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya in Israel as well as in Forensic Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology...

Shira Doron Livne- Training Coordinator and Head Trainer

Mrs. Doron-Livne completed her bachelor’s degree in Social Work, through the Stress, Trauma and Resilience track at the Tel -Hai College, under the supervision of Dr. Moshe Farchi.   She is currently a second-year graduate student at Tel Aviv University in the Stress and Trauma track.  In addition to working at the International Center for Functional Resilience, Mrs. Doron-Livne works as a social worker at the Baruch Padres Medical Centre, Poriya...

Personal Stories


After a girl fainted in soccer practice, causing hysteria amongst her teammates and mother, I felt obliged to intervene.  I told her to stand up despite her injury and to walk and answer some basic questions related to what happened.   That was enough to help the girl and the mom.  I have to say I didn’t know if I acted in the best way possible, but the confidence the course gave me was worth it!  So thank you again!


Yesterday, at the end of the school day, as children were being taken to the buses, a rocket siren went off.  It created tremendous panic amongst the students and teachers. I used the techniques we learned and it really helped.  A club manager who saw the panic shouted “let’s sing Purim songs”!  I immediately stopped her and constructed a timeline and activated the distressed students and everything calmed down like magic.  Just as it was safe to leave the shelter another siren went off, but this time the panic was much lower.   I felt a huge accomplishment.


Today, a boy in first grade fainted.  The children were hysterical.  After initiating the model the teacher created a schema on the board of what happened.  The children calmed down and returned to learning as usual. 



ICFR is currently not hiring any new positions, but please feel free to check back on our website from time to time to see any new openings. 

The Six Cs Model - ICFR

The Six Cs Model

The Six Cs is an acronym that represents the model’s six intervention principles: Communication, Commitment, Cognition, Continuity, Control and Challenge. Each principle offers several behavioral and verbal techniques to reduce stress responses, restore self-efficacy and return the person’s ability to function during emergency situations and times of heightened stress.

Training psychological first responders


ICFR provides tailor-made psychological first aid training programs based on the client’s unique needs and abilities.  We offer a variety of courses for both professionals and non-professionals alike that range in duration, number of and professional level of the participants.

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