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ICFR provides tailor-made psychological first aid training programs based on the client’s unique needs and abilities.  We offer a variety of courses for both professionals and non-professionals alike that range in duration, number of and professional level of the participants.

Each training can be geared toward a specific target audience and its respective language and culture and can also be tailored to address specific topics or incidents (i.e. COVID-19, active shooter, school shootings, natural disasters, etc.).

Whether your goal is to train your employees as end users to deploy the Six Cs in times of emergency or to initiate a ‘train-the-trainers’ program designed to transfer ICFR’s knowledge and experience in order to independently train your employees, our team works with you to develop the proper training program and achieve your training goals. 

Our trainings are offered in English, Spanish, French, German and Arabic. 

The culmination of each of our trainings consists of an exam and certification for each passing participant that is valid for two years. 

Training for Professionals

End users/ basic Six Cs model

ICFR offers a full-day training to mental health...


Multi-day courses qualifying mental health or medical...

Advanced Protocols

PFA skills refer to anything up to one month after an...

Community and/or Group Crisis Intervention

This advanced training focuses on applying the S...

Helping-the-helpers /secondary traumatization

This course is designed for professionals who have a...

Training for non-Professionals

End users/ basic Six Cs model

ICFR offers full-day trainings to both professi...


This course follows that of basic Six Cs training...

Helping-the-helpers /secondary traumatization

This course is subsequent to the Basic Six Cs model an...

Online introductory course

A two-hour online course in the topic of psychological...

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