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The Six C's Model

About the Model

The Six Cs model was created to provide PFA skills to professionals and non-professionals alike during emergency and/or stressful situations.   In this perspective, each member of society has the ability to become a first responder, providing PFA to those in need.  As an outcome, the community’s resilience and independence increase dramatically, in turn, allowing a community to care for itself during crises and gain control of chaotic situations that involved panicked individuals or crowds. 

Subsequently, the PFA skills learned through the Six Cs model allow an individual to return to full effective functioning within minutes during a challenging event and reduce the risk of secondary traumatization to a minimum.

The Six Cs model was developed by ICFR co-founder, Dr. Moshe Farchi.  The Six Cs is an acronym that represents the model’s six intervention principles: Communication, Commitment, Cognition, Continuity, Control and Challenge. Each principle offers several behavioral and verbal techniques to reduce stress responses, restore self-efficacy and return the person’s ability to function during emergency situations and times of heightened stress.

Today, the Six Cs Model is recognized as the national model for Psychological First Aid by the Israeli Ministry of Health.  It has thus far been adopted by the Ministries of Education, Health and Internal Security in Israel as well as by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Israel Traffic Police, Israeli Fire Department, Magen David Adom (Israel’s EMS), Search & Rescue Units, and local authorities volunteer & emergency teams as the main model for immediate assistance in stressful and emergency situations.

The model has also been integrated into other international institutions including the United States and German armies and hundreds of mental health professional and nonprofessional personnel from various countries including, England, the Philippines, Nepal, Greece, Serbia, Uganda and Mozambique, have been trained in the Six Cs model.

What sets our model apart from others

  • Innovative model based on extensive neuropsychological research

  • Designed to enhance immediate cognitive functional resilience in order to reduce the likelihood of future psychological and mental difficulties

  • Training increases one’s psychological first aid skills as well as one’s general self-efficacy

  • Increases personal and community resilience and functional continuity

  • Able to be implemented by professionals and non-professionals alike

  • User-friendly, quickly acquired and simple delivery

  • Proven effective in actual emergency events

  • Selected by the Israeli Ministry of Health as the national model for psychological first aid.

official MOH approval of the model

About ICFR

About Us

Our goal is to improve functional resilience for all by disseminating the Six Cs model, a simple-user friendly model designed to provide immediate, focused and efficient intervention techniques for both mental health and emergency professionals such as psychologists, first responders, military and security personnel, social workers, rescue units, policemen, etc., and non-professionals alike.

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ICFR provides tailor-made psychological first aid training programs based on the client’s unique needs and abilities.  We offer a variety of courses for both professionals and non-professionals alike that range in duration, number of and professional level of the participants.

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